About SwoleMates Events



Meeting people who understand your fitness-centered lifestyle can be a challenge. That’s exactly who attends Swolemates Events. Our events SELL OUT every single time! Whether you are into the sport of fitness, yoga, powerlifting, obstacle course racing, bodybuilding, endurance sports, or any other sport you are welcome to be a guest at our event.

The inception of Swolemates Events was to enrich and build a fun functional fitness community. Prospective Swolemates attending our events should come prepared for moderate workouts. However, the focus of the event is to create a fun environment that allows athletes to interact with each other is a social setting.

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An enthralling evening of fitness, games, and social mixers planned for fun functional fitness enthusiasts! We’ve left plenty of time for our guests to meet the 20 women and 20 men gathered in the gym.  We’ve taken great care to program scalable workouts applicable to all fitness levels! Multiple CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainers will be present to ensure all movements are safely executed with appropriate scaling options.

Once the workouts are completed and all of the gear is put away, it is time for the part of the event that everyone looks forward to most: the after party at a local bar near by.



  • Short team workouts (released a week prior to the event)
  • Not intended to be competitive in natural, but participants will be asked to give maximum effort
  • Mostly bodyweight movements: infinitely scalable in order for all Swolemates to participate